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Poseidon Media Group BBB Business Review

Who We Are

PMG is the nation’s leading high school and college graphic design and advertising company. We are owned and operated by athletes and parents of athletes who understand the need of keeping school programs not only operating, but operating safely. PMG is dedicated to providing the best products and services to high school and college athletics, music, drama departments, and booster clubs. We combine expert advertising experience with the professional graphic designers to produce top-quality products, ensuring that schools can continue to offer students the extracurricular activities that, all too often, cannot be supported by budgets. PMG offers these professional services and products at no charge to the schools, and with no risk.  By reaching out to local businesses, PMG gives local advertisers the opportunity to showcase not only their business, but pride in their communities. Together we can encourage and support young talent right in our own backyards.


Becoming an advertising sponsor for your local school is easy and rewarding.  Schools throughout the nation contract with PMG to create and produce a variety of products that ensure students are enjoying the extracurricular activities that so many of us took for granted. Due to budget cuts, these programs are now in danger of being eliminated altogether. Please take the time to give back to the local community today and help these young adults enjoy the full high school experience while showcasing your business to everyone involved with the schools and the communities. 

Overview of Advertising Funds and Use

PMG offers a variety of products for advertising sponsors to showcase their business and actively support their community. All products are provided at no cost to the school, and are designed to create the highest payback possible for the department that you are supporting. PMG is contracted with schools throughout the nation to provide these products as a means to keep the departments operating at their best. The advertising dollars are used by the department head, coach, teacher, or staff that has contracted with PMG and is used at their discretion, ensuring that your generous participation is going to the best use.


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